cold press juicer reviews, cold press juicer review

If you want quick, easy juicing, this is the best cold press juicer for you. Kuving’s B6000S is one of the fastest cold press juicers around. It is swift, and we mean that literally. In many cases, you can have your juice ready to drink in less than five seconds with this quality cold press juicer. It is a terrific way to get tons of concentrated nutrition while saving valuable time in the mornings. You will love this product.

It has a wide, three-inch feeder, which is big enough to toss whole, uncut apples into with ease. In fact, it is a great idea to juice your food without cutting it, as there is less unhealthy oxidation when you use the whole food. There is also the time you save in cutting it to consider, which is another feature that makes this top quality cold press juicer one of the best on the market.

This cold press juicer is also super easy to operate. You can assemble and disassemble it quickly, and cleaning is a breeze. There is no stress involved in using or cleaning this juicer. There is even a cleaning brush included with it. With the brush, cleaning the juicer takes less than five minutes to do properly, without leaving any bits of pulp behind. What is not to love about this? Customers adore it.

Other add-ons with this juicer are a drip-free smart cap and a sorbet maker. You can use the cap to mix juices with ease, for delicious and nutritious juice blends. The sorbet maker is perfect if you desire a sweet, sugar-free, cool treat on hot summer days. It does not get more healthy than sweets made out of pure, whole fruit. There is even a recipe book that comes with the juicer, which teaches you how to make yummy juice blends, sorbet flavors, and more.

The juicer is efficient, quiet, and swift at what it does. Its 240W motor ensures it. It is so efficient, there is not even any foam produced on top of your juice, as with so many other cold press juicers. And, if that were not enough, the juicer comes with a limited ten-year warranty, so you risk nothing and have everything to gain health-wise by giving it a try.

While some customers online do not like the fact that it takes a bit of time to clean the small holes in the grater, and that you have to cut hard foods like ginger for them to juice properly, most customers who have purchased this juicer were extremely happy with it. It is easy to understand why. This juicer does it all and then some. You will get the healthy, nutrient-packed juice you desire with quick and easy preparation and cleaning. This is like the Mercedes of juicers. It does not get much better in this market.

Try this high quality cold press juicer today. You will be glad you did. It may be the only juicer you ever need.